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In 2016 Seth launched BWSS Podcast in Miami to fill friends and family in on the world’s happenings in a more entertaining an unbiased way. Seth, an avid reader and follower of current events, first recruited his brother, Lucas, to be at the computer researching as needed. Seth then asked his good friend Laz to be the co-host, to which Laz didn't hesitate to jump on. BWSS was only in audio form back then and started to gain success when Lucas and Seth had to move back north to Philadelphia, ending the podcast.


Fast forward a few years, Seth returned to Miami, with a new family, bringing his recording studio with him, and relaunched BWSS as a video show. With Seth and Laz in the studio, and Lucas present via Zoom, they are thrilled to be back, bringing some of their old segments- I Got Beef, Weather, Am I an Asshole? And they’ve added some new bits as well. Quick News is six to eight of the week’s most noteworthy or entertaining stories. WTF News is Lucas’ story of the week. 


With fans in over seventeen countries and counting, Seth is most proud of the following they’ve received outside the US. “I can’t believe there are countries out there that don’t miss a show.”


Laz thinks “it’s great” that they could bring back the show and entertain the masses again. “We used to have a great time. And we all learned a lot researching the show.”


Lucas is thrilled. But you’d never know it. His steadfast stoicism is impossible to read and his tone is as mono as a speaker. Our most popular segment, Lucas’ Weather, is back, with locales all over the world. “For the weather this week, we have Twatt, Scotland.” 


As it did in the past, the show still features a guest each week, bringing new energy to each episode. Please join us for a unique look into the stories commanding the headlines, and those swept under the rug. 

Our Stories

Radio Ready
Ricky on the Mic
Laz's Perfume Ad
Research Lucas
Marcos T-Shirt
Lucas' Weather
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Recorded in...



Seth spent his whole life with music, having been raised by a writer and musician. Starting with the violin at the age of seven, he learned at a young age the complexities of orchestration. He performed in several orchestras and singing groups throughout his schooling.  He started writing his own music as a teenager and performed as a singer songwriter in New York for several years on the piano and guitar. His passion for music then led him to producing, where he feels most at home.​


After producing for over a decade, Seth had built a studio and learned enough to launch a show with some of his close friends. "Because We Said So" was born out of love and respect for all people and  opinions, most of his family and friends.


With fans in over seventeen countries and counting, Seth is most proud of the following they’ve received outside the US. “I can’t believe there are countries out there that don’t miss a show.”

Laz grew up with dreams of being a snail farmer. We was always fascinated with those "slimy little suckers.” Once he had his first little smattering taste of escargot, roasted in a delicious garlic butter, at the age of eleven, he knew, he was never going to like it. After all, it is a snail. "But this shit is expensive," he told himself.

So Laz set out to research snail farming, and learned the importance of quiet, dark places. "Snails can't hear, but they feel vibrations and then make slime.” Laz's young delving into snail-dom was off to a great start when the worst thing that could have happened, happened. A snail got loose, a runaway snail, something he had to report to the FDA, who shut him down for letting an evasive species escape into the wild, something that eventually drained him of his snail passion.

Today Laz thinks “it’s great” that they’ve brought back the show to entertain the masses. “I have something I can believe in again.”

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"That's Fire!"


Research Lucas copy.jpg

"Shut the window! You're letting the WiFi out."


Lucas grew up wanting to play the triangle. “Can I get one?” he recalled asking his parents. There was something about the perfect angles and pure tone it created. When he took it home he  stared at it, mesmerized. He watched videos of triangles in orchestras, practicing along. He slept with it, took it to school.

After years of perfecting his craft, Lucas asked to join the high school orchestra, only to learn he needed other percussion skills as well. “Can you play the tambourine, or chimes?” the orchestra director asked. Indignant that someone could even consider him mixing his triangle art with those other brash instruments, Lucas tersely replied, “No,” and sulked walked away. Devastated, he put the triangle behind him forever. But does take it out from time to time.

He has since delved into several career options, settling into sales. He too is thankful for BWSS. "Who knows? Maybe I can bring my triangle on the show someday."

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