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Seth began producing in 2008 after spending over twenty years on stage as a performer on various musical fronts. His musical endeavors began with singing and playing concert violin at an early age. His first violin solo was at eight and he toured Europe as a singer at fourteen.  Shortly after college, he put the violin down to pick up guitar and piano, which eventually led him to New York where he performed as a singer-songwriter for several years.

After paying his dues performing, Seth decided it was time to produce.  He launched "RKane", aka "RKane Stephens" in 2008, producing in several different genres. In his New York apartment, he spent thousands of hours producing track after track to perfect his newfound passion.  

In the studio with J-Idris and Kris

After a couple of solid years of production, RKane signed on with his first label in 2010, Tainted Buddah Records, out of Spain. In his first nine months as a signed artist, RKane was picked up for over thirty albums and compilations in several different genres: Dubstep, Chillout, Trance, Tech to name a few.


RKane continued to hone in on his craft and establish his niche in the industry with each passing day. After success as "RKane Stephens", Seth launch a new project, "The Unsilenced", to expand his vision into new avenues. It wasn’t long before he ventured to produce podcasts: "Because We Said So", "MarketPeek" and
"PlanetMe DnD" available everywhere.

Production Studio...

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